Paper Darlings Club 2024 Membership
Paper Darlings Club 2024 Membership

Our Price: $70.00

Product Code: PDC-2024

This series of "Diana's Paper Darlings Club" runs from Jan. 2024 through Dec. 2024, and it's such a great way to treat yourself or a friend with doll fun all year long!

Each month (for 12 months) you'll receive 1 Paper Doll and 1 Outfit, along with a mini (paper) doll representing that decade! You'll end up with a collection of 12 exclusive, diverse, adorable teen and child paper dolls and 12 beautifully detailed outfits. Each month will feature a note with fun facts about that decade. PLUS during your Birthday month, you’ll receive an extra surprise to celebrate your special day! It's a fun way to receive a little sunshine in the mail and build up an exclusive paper doll collection!

Some highlights of the 2024 Paper Darlings Club Series:


2024 will bring a diverse collection of paper dolls. Each month we'll alternate between child and teenage models, so there will be 6 teenagers and 6 little girls. Each age group will be able to share clothes with each other.


Each month will feature an outfit inspired by fashions of a particular decade, from 1914 to 2024. These will be well researched, and appropriately accessorized.


This year, the paper doll page will include a tiny accessory paper doll inspired by some of our favorite dolls through the years (coordinated with the time period of that particular paper doll), as well as a mini outfit for her. We're celebrating the fact that girls of all ages can enjoy dolls!

Yes, I said Birthday OutfitS! I traditionally have a special edition outfit that members receive during their birthday month. This year, because our series includes teen and child paper dolls, you will receive TWO birthday outfits, one for each size paper doll! So you can have TWO of your paper dolls be fabulously festive for your special day!


Same as last year! $70 brings all of this to you in a pretty envelope each month. (It comes out to $5.83 per month). I'm so glad to be able to keep the price at this level for another year! (Because of my website setup, it will automatically charge $6 shipping at checkout. BUT if you are ONLY ordering a membership, that $6 will be refunded to you within a day or two. (The shipping cost applies to the other items sold on my site.)