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"Rosie" Wee Teen Magnetic Doll Set
"Rosie" Wee Teen Magnetic Doll Set

Our Price: $5.00

Product Code: ROSIE-WT


All the kids in the neighborhood know that when Mom and Dad go out for a “Date Night”, Rosie is the #1 babysitter to call on! She’s fun, cheerful, and she always brings her stuffed bunny “Mr. Flufflestuff” with her to comfort any little ones who may need an extra friend while Mommy and Daddy are out. Rosie is saving up her babysitting money for college. She dreams of becoming a pediatrician, and she’s off to a good start as… a babysitter extraordinaire!

Adorable magnetic paper doll set, with one doll, two outfits, and her plush bunny, Mr. Flufflestuff!