"Goldie's Big Win" Paper Doll & Mini Resin "Goldfish" -Play Set
"Goldie's Big Win" Paper Doll & Mini Resin "Goldfish" -Play Set

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Once upon a time there was a little girl named Goldie, who had a VERY GOOD day at the fair! Her mom gave her a dollar to play one of the carnival games... Oh, you know the one-- The one that ends with a happy little child skipping off with a shiny new goldfish twirling around inside a sturdy bag of water! All Goldie had to do was throw a ring atop a glass bottle, and voila! She had a new little friend to bring home!
But Goldie wasn't satisfied... She thought EVERY little doll should experience this joy! So she arranged to have her story pictured in a brightly colored paper doll page, complete with a cut-out "Ring Toss" game that she can share with other dolls, as well as their very own prize GOLDFISH IN A BAG! Will you win a yellow fish, or an orange fish? It'll be a surprise!! And how will your little doll hold it? No worries, I thought of that too-- I've attached a little elastic to each baggie, so that your little one can easily hold her new little pet!

Each set includes a 8.5 x 11 paper doll page and a miniature (about 2 inches) bag of resin "water" with a fish in it! The color of your fish will be a surprise, but they're all so pretty-- and probably the longest-lasting pet fish you'll ever have! :) Makes a perfect gift or table favor, and an adorable accessory for any small doll.